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Business Generator Consultation
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Business Generator Consultation / Quote

What if you could install a new generator AND be able to make a highly educated, informed decision without dealing with the awkwardness, distractions, false promises, lies and high pressure of the typical "sales" situation in your home or business?

SITEPOWER makes that a reality.�(Click on the "Schedule a Quote or Consultation" graphic to the left for a full description).


Business Generator Consultation / Quote

What if you could install a new generator AND be able to make a highly educated, informed decision without dealing with the awkwardness, distractions, false promises, lies and high pressure of the typical "sales" situation in your business? 

SITEPOWER makes that a reality.   

The fact is, skilled trades are in extremely high demand, and qualified, competent generator contractors are no exception.  It is becoming a daunting task seeking out qualified personnel to perform many services around your business.  Many of these companies are now owned by corporate entities and investment firms who's only focus is to extract your hard earned money from your pocket and put it back into their investors pockets - the sad truth is that it's not so much about building relationships and servicing generators to them anymore.  It has become more about finding the cheapest labor to complete the task at a mediocre level, at best.  Fun fact:  One little-known fact in this industry that "they" don't want you to know is that most sales and service technicians are COMMISSION based, which means that THEY have only one intention when selling or servicing your generator - and the truth is, that intention is NOT in your favor. 

So, exactly WHAT does it take to get a GREAT generator installer and service company that has YOUR best interests in mind?  We show you the formula, the in's and out's, and the behind-the-scenes.  We have the ability to engineer your project and produce the bid-specs according to your needs.

SITEPOWER understands that your time is extremely valuable, and so is ours. Of course, we expect you to do research, solicit different companies and several quotes.  However, we often discover that many quotes are incomplete, misleading and even leave out required steps of the generator project to give the illusion of a lower price. Many times, this results in frsutartion, callbacks, and even unsafe / dangerous installations that end up costing a LOT to correct - after the fact. 

It is for this reason that we do it differently.  We do not provide "free quotes".  Historically, "free quotes" offer very little value, and they only have one thing in common - to sell you something.  Thats not our goal.  Instead, our mission is to educate. We offer a full service, on-site consultation. With over 30 years in the generator industry, we have a very good understanding of what it takes to size, specify, install and service a generator system properly - and what it costs to do it properly. We KNOW which brands are reliable, and which ones aren't. We KNOW what generators provide the best durability, the best lifespan and the best value for your investment.  It is for this reason that SITEPOWER is refreshingly uncommon.  Unlike an electrician, heating and cooling company, plumber, handyman, or anyone else that peddles generators as a sideline - GENERATORS has been our ONLY business since our inception 23+ years ago, allowing us to provide a level of competence, responsiveness, knowledge and service that is unmatched by any competitor. 

A properly specified, installed and serviced generator is NOT cheap, but neither is the home or business that you're looking to protect against power outages.  Your safety, comfort and peace of mind is not something that should be trusted to a cut-rate contractor that is more interested in a sale than actually serving your needs.  The generator that you install will become a part of your home or business for the next 20+ years.  A proper, well thought out installation and comprehensive service plan will serve you for many years to come.  

Schedule a consultation appointment with SITEPOWER, and even if you decide not to hire us, you will gain the following benefits as you move forward with your generator installation: 

  • SITEPOWER will send a factory trained and experienced installation technician to your consult - no salesmen!
  • SITEPOWER will get a complete understanding of your needs, and recommend the right generator for your needs.  
  • SITEPOWER is knowledgebale and experienced with ALL major brands of generators - leverage our experience!
  • SITEPOWER is not "tied" to only one brand of generators - We recommend the best product - period.
  • SITEPOWER will select the most appropriate, and SAFEST location for your generator.
  • SITEPOWER will professionally size your generator to meet code requirements and your needs. 
  • SITEPOWER will professionally size your gas line and electrical lines to ensure safety and reliability.
  • SITEPOWER will advise on best installation practices to ensure a durable, eficient and long-lasting installation. 
  • SITEPOWER will answer your Code related questions and advise you on best practices for generator installation.
  • SITEPOWER will advise on any special Codes or requirements that your town may require. 
  • SITEPOWER will advise on National Electrical Code questions and provide recommendations
  • SITEPOWER will advise on National Gas Code questions and provide expert recommendations
  • SITEPOWER will advise on Propane Code questions and provide expert recommendations
  • SITEPOWER will be available AFTER the consultation to answer questions. 
  • SITEPOWER will reveiw your competitive quotes and address inconsistencies
  • SITEPOWER will review your competitive quotes, and if there is a better company to hande your needs, we will tell you!
  • SITEPOWER will always be available to answer questions, or provide service even if you choose NOT to hire us. 

Can the "other" companies salesman do all of this?  Wouldn't it be wise to leverage over 30+ years of generator experience to guarantee that your generator project is done RIGHT, regardless of which contractor you use?  When you demand the best, SITEPOWER is the preferred generator company for the discerning client, and now our services are available to everyone. 

If you're not smarter, more informed and fully confident to make an informed decision on your generator project when we're done with your consult, it's FREE.  That's our guarantee. 

If you do decide to hire us for your generator project, we will credit the consultation price towards your installation -   100% credit. 

On behalf of the SITEPOWER team, we look forward to serving you! 

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