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Generator Remote Monitoring


Remote generator monitoring is the simple and cost effective solution to increasing your generators reliability and significantly reducing downtime and emergency call-outs.  In fact, remote monitoring can pay for itself if it catches just ONE failure BEFORE it happens.

Similar to an alarm system for your home, our remote monitoring uses much of the same technology to look after your generator.  This type of generator monitoring has qucikly become standard equipment for most installations - especially if you travel, or are away from your home or business.  Many smart homeowners and businesses are realizing the benefits of remote monitoring.   

By monitiring your generator remotely, we can keep track of exercises, faults, battery level, runs / stops.  Our web based platform keeps a running log of your generators paraneters and alerts us (and you) to any fault conditions BEFORE they become a fail-to-start condition when you need tiy generator most.  

  • Quick, simple, professional installation.  You don't have to do anything. 
  • Most installs completed, and in service in less than 60 minutes.
  • Hardware includes lifetime warranty.
  • Complete setup, including notifications to your cell phone & e-mail.
  • No software to upload or configure.
  • Over-the-air programming and updates at no additional charge.
  • Customer account access to our web based platform at no charge.
  • Remote configuration via technical support.

​Don't wait until the next storm to find out that your generator won't start.  Call today to make your generator MORE reliable!  NYS SITEPOWER (585) 224-4000

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