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Emergency Service & After Hours [PRE-AUTHORIZATION]
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For any requests for service OUTSIDE of normal business hours of 08:00-16:30 Monday through Friday.

A dispatch charge of $189 and a four-hour minimum overtime charge of $954 plus a parts allowance totalling $1,500 is required to be pre-authorized BEFORE disptaching a service technician for afterhours requests for emergency service.

Your credit card will be pre-authorized.  Charges will not be final until service request has been completed. 

Pre-authorization is required to secure a service visit with one of our Factory Trained & Authorized Service Technicians. Once on site, the SITEPOWER Service Technician will evaluate, troubleshoot and advise of findings, and how to proceed. 

The headache and frustration of finding a quality, competent generator contractor that actually does what they say can be time consuming and frustrating.  To further complicate it, there are many handymen, HVAC companies and electricians that are NOT qualified to be servicing generators (We have literally hundreds of case studies to prove this) and as a result they will simply 'throw parts' at your problem until (hopefully) it's "fixed".   That's no way to do business, and it certainly isn't in your best interest ethically, or monetarily.

SITEPOWER understands, and that's exactly why we do things differently.

Responsive and experienced generator service providers are in extremely high demand.  Pre-Authorizing a service call is necessary to secure an appointment with our Service Technicians.  For your protection, SITEPOWER guarantees that our technician will arrive promptly, on time at the scheduled appointment, or your service visit fee will be returned in full, plus 10% for your inconvenience. 

SITEPOWER values our clients and we’re protective of their interests, and the relationships we have built.  As a well-established, reputable generator service company of nearly 25 years, with a 5-STAR rating, SITEPOWER is governed by 14 Core Values that ensure our clients are prioritized and treated fairly.  We understand that our clients expect responsive, competent service with integrity.

Historically, when generator service is needed the most is during a power outage when a home or business owner is in “emergency, uh-oh” mode.  This usually results in the individual franticly making calls for the first available company that will respond.

The SITEPOWER team is happy to provide the same responsive service that our existing clients have come to expect.  Providing a responsive, high level of service carries a cost, and a responsibility to our valued clients.  Time, resources and experience are not free, for this reason, prior to scheduling service, we pre-authorize a credit card.

FAQ: WHY pre-authorization?

SITEPOWER will pre-authorize a client’s credit card BEFORE scheduling a service call for several reasons:

1. Verification of Payment Method: By pre-authorizing the client’s credit card, SITEPOWER verifies that the payment method provided is valid and has sufficient funds to cover the service charges. The pre-authorization also ensures that funds are available to cover any additional expenses beyond the initial service fee. 

2. Securing Commitment: The SITEPOWER reputation is one of integrity and commitment. Pre-authorization helps SITEPOWER secure a commitment from the prospective client. It acts as a guarantee that the client intends to proceed with the service and provides a level of assurance that they are serious about their request. This helps prevent last-minute cancellations or no-shows, which can be disruptive and result in disruption to our business operations, and the service experience for our existing clients.

3. Protection Against Cancellations / No-Shows: Pre-authorization allows SITEPOWER to secure a commitment from the client. By pre-authorization, SITEPOWER can minimize the risk of last-minute cancellations or no-shows, which can be costly, inefficient, and disruptive to business operations – especially during times of high demand.

4. Streamlined Payment Process: Pre-authorization simplifies the payment process by reducing the need for manual invoicing or collection efforts. Once the service is completed, SITEPOWER can finalize the transaction by charging the appropriate amount to the pre-authorized credit card, providing a seamless and efficient payment experience for the client and SITEPOWER.

Credit card pre-authorization is one of many ways that SITEPOWER protects our client’s interests and our time, so that it can be invested more effectively back into our valued relationships with our clients.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pre-authorization is a TEMPORARY HOLD on funds and does not result in an actual charge at the time of scheduling. The final charge is processed AFTER the completion of the service, based on the actual amount owed.

While pre-authorization may be inconvenient for some, it is one method that we use to keep our service levels high, the quality of our clients high and the costs associated with unnecessary collections exceptionally low.

Please complete checkout and contact us at (585) 224-4000.  A SITEPOWER representative will schedule your service visit.


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