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Generator Remote Monitor PT400
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Generator Remote Monitoring Solution PT400

It’s Absolutely Critical that When the Power Fails the Generator Works

During a power outage, it’s vital that your emergency power system works every time! Remotely monitoring a standby generator helps to make sure that the emergency power system is ready for the next power failure. If a problem occurs, you’ll be alerted about it immediately so you can provide a fast, proactive service response.

Our PT Series monitoring products are the perfect choice for almost all standby generator applications. Our products are simple to install, very affordable, universal for all generators, and utilizes the Power Link platform. PLUS ALL PT Series monitoring products come with our lifetime warranty.

All PT Series solutions monitor and log the following standard conditions:

Generator On (Running) and Generator Off (Stopped)
Engine Battery Voltage with Low Battery Alarm
Exercise Tracker with Failed to Exercise Alert
Run Time Tracker with Excessive Run Time Alerts 4, 8, 12, & 24+ Hours

The PT Series monitors have anywhere from 4-7 additional inputs to customize any installation. These inputs can be configured to monitor any condition utilizing the outputs on the generator controller including some of the common conditions below:

Common Fault
Common Warning/Pre-Alarms
Low Fuel Level
Generator Switch Not in Auto
Low Coolant Temperature
Low Coolant Level
High Engine Temperature
Low Oil Pressure
Over Speed
Over Crank
Fuel Leak Detected
All inputs can be custom configured

Additional PT accessory kits are available to monitor other conditions including:

Utility Power On/Off – Generator Running
On Generator Power
Site Without Power
Fuel Level 50%, 25%, 10%
Return to Utility Power
Generator Breaker Open
Approximate Fuel Level Value

The PT400 generator monitoring system is a comprehensive solution for monitoring all of the major alarm points for any commercial or industrial indoor or outdoor standby generator application. This monitor includes a power harness, custom I/O harness, has seven (7) additional programmable bias inputs and three (3) ADC inputs. The PT400 digital inputs are used with generator controller outputs and accessory kits. When configured with the appropriate accessory kits, the PT400 can log the full sequence of operation of the emergency power system.


PT400 Monitor – Fully Configured & Scripted
External Cellular & GPS Antenna – Magnetic Mount
Power Harness and Custom I/O Connection Harness
7 Digital Inputs
4 ADC Inputs
5 Relay Driver Outputs
7-32VDC Power
Internal 1000mAh Lithium Ion Battery
Cellular Carrier Activation with Verizon or AT&T
Remote Start/Stop Capable

Installation pricing is based on our local Rochester & Finger Lakes Region service area. Additional charges may apply for configuration of optional monitoring parameters or service outside of our service area.  Lifetime warranty and hardware upgrades for monitoring systems installed by us as long as you're on a monitoring subscription.  

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