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Reflective "Generator Emergency Shutdown" Decal - (2-Pack)
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GENERATOR EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN reflective decals as required by 2023 NEC Code.

As required by NFPA Part 70 The National Electric Code.  Protect the lives of Service Personnel and alert Emergency Responders where the emergency generator shutdown is located.  Includes (2) 3M Reflective Warning Decals for the identification of the required emergency generator shutdown switch. 

This is the Original Standard Identification Accepted by Electrical & Building Inspectors in New York State and many others.  Sometimes imitated, but never duplicated, the Original Generator Warning Decal products offer these important features demanded by industry professionals:

  • Approved by the New York State Dept. of Building Inspectors and others.
  • 4"x2" size with radiused corners conveniently fits where you need it.
  • Approved by many Electrical Inspection Agencies across New York and other states.
  • Highly Durable "Engineer Grade" reflective material for durability & longevity.
  • Strong adhesive forms a permanent bond, instantly to most clean, generator surfaces and electrical enclosures
  • UV coated for long - lasting, superior outdoor durability.  

Sold in packs of (2) as recommended by Electrical & Building Inspectors, each pack contains two GENERATOR EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN decals for each generator installation; Where to use: Place one decal in an easily identifiable area near your generator emergency shutdown switch.  A second decal is included for a second remote shutdown switch, or a second emergency generator shutdown switch on, or inside the generator itself.

New York Residents - these decals may also be available through your Town or City Building Department when a permit is issued for a generator installation; check with your local Building Officials.

Electrical Contractors & Generator Dealers - These decals may be available at your local supply house.  If not, have them contact us to get them in stock!  Contact us for volume discounts - we appreciate your continued business and strive to provide you a quality product at a reasonable cost for quantity orders.

Sales Tax is automatically added for NYS residents.  Municipalities, Public Safety Agencies and Non-Profits may order by telephone at (585) 224-4000 or contact us with your PO# to avoid sales tax.  Orders for resale may be placed by the same method; A resale certificate with valid Tax ID Number is required.)  Same Day Shipping!

Accept NO IMITATIONS!  Although protected by copyright, a few individuals with questionable integrity have attempted to duplicate our products.  We're flattered, seriously!  But we have also discovered that they are usuing substandard vinyl materials that may not be reflective, is not as durable, lacks the adhesive properties, or that uses a different printing process, resulting in a faded product that is not durable, or reliable for long-term use.  Like the old saying goes - "Ya get what ya pay for".  The difference?  We GUARANTEE our products.  If you ever have an issue, simply give us a call and we'll make it right.  Its that simple!

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