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As concerns over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to evolve, we feel it is important to share the steps we are taking at NYS SITEPOWER to help keep all stakeholders safe, but also update you on our business status.  

Safety comes first. The health and safety of our customers, employees and trade partners is “Job #1”. We are continuously monitoring the situation and have moved quickly to enact precautions and practices based on guidance from the CDC, WHO, and Federal, state, and local health agencies.

As importantly, we’re doing our part to keep the economy moving forward by protecting homeowners and businesses just like we have for the last two decades.  Keeping your power on is an essential and important contribution we can make.  NYS SITEPOWER has earned a reputation for rising above the call of duty every time.  

Challenges are not new to us. NYS SITEPOWER has been successfully operating and supporting you in the face of storms, floods, inclement weather & other natural disasters since our inception.  Preparedness is not a new concept to us.  Reliable power is essential to a healthy, safe and comfortable life; We take this very seriously. 

The COVID-19 challenge is one that affects everyone, we are here, we are open and we are operating. Our service trucks are running, our supply chain is delivering, our Technical and Support personnel are available. We have been creative in how we operate including being flexible with employees, adjusting attendance, modifying our operations and changing our workplace behaviors to reduce all interactions that are not required. 

Backup power at a time like this is critical. As a country, we are coming together to beat this virus. That means in many cases, working from home and generally spending most of our collective time in our homes. Our homes are truly our sanctuary now.  A constant supply of power has never been more important. That is why you depend on us & that is why we are here. 

Collectively, we will help continue to turn chaos and uncertainty into CERTAINTY & PEACE-OF-MIND. 

Preparedness, in all aspects is no longer optional – it’s essential.  

I appreciate your continued business and confidence in us.  

What is something that my team can do to help YOU today?


Dan Hall, President

    3700 Main Street Walworth, NY 14568

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    1-315-986-4092   Finger Lakes
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