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We are:

1. A purpose-driven group for the discerning home and business owner who demands immunity from power outages.
2. A reliable resource for generator owners and future generator owners.
3. An unbiased outlet to get complete, truthful & accurate information on the latest products, services and happenings within the standby generator industry.
4. A community of like minded home & business owners that take our electricity seriously. We understand that taking accountability for our power is the only way to be truly independent.
5. A helpful resource where NYS SITEPOWER will support generator owners and their equipment - A place where generator owners can support other generator owners.
6. A fun, productive and positive environment!


NYS SITEPOWER - Emergency Standby Generators for Home & Business
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NYS SITEPOWER - Where there is a problem, we see an opportunity. WE SOLVE POWER OUTAGES!
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