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Home & Cottage Generator Solutions

Your Home, Your Electricity? - Your home is likely one of the largest investments you will ever make. While many of us take our electrical power for granted, the fact is that Americans depend on electricity more now than ever before. From phones to security systems and water pumps to sump pumps, the demand for reliable electricity increases daily.  Is your electric supply always available?  Reliable?

The nation's power grid is "unstable at best" -
Prior events have led America to become increasingly more aware of our power grid deficiencies and state of disrepair. Severe weather, lightning storms, ice and wind can only overstress an electrical infrastructure that is already weak.  Don't think that you're immune from the inconveneinces of power outages.  A storm, accident or utility power failure will never call ahead to let you know that they're on the way.  Smart homeowners have an emergency plan.  You may have food stored or other provisions, but what about your power?

Ensure Your Security & Comfort; Insure Your Home -
 Join the growing group of forward-thinking homeowners with the installation of an automatic backup generator, no matter if you're home or away you will be assured that your home and belongings are protected regardless of the weather, or your utility company's ability to provide power. For a one-time investment you can enjoy the benefits of security, peace of mind & protection for a lifetime.

Award Winning Sales & Service -
NYSSP is a Factory Trained & Authorized Service Dealer for most major brands of residential power systems. Our team continually performs above and beyond normal industry standards to ensure that your emergency generator system is specified, and installed correctly the first time with no surprises.  Let our knowledge and experience work for you to determine the best solution at an affordable price for your home or cottage.  NYSSP handles your entire project from town permits, to coordination with your gas or propane supplier, and electrical inspections.  When you team with NYSSP, you can rest assured that every detail is taken care of from start to finish.  We offer creative financing and affordable solutions no matter what your budget.

Rest assured that your generator is installed correctly the first time.  Thousands of homeowners already trust us to install and service their emergency generators.  Why wouldn't you?

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