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Scheduled Maintenance should be performed regularly by trained & competent personnel to ensure proper operation of your generator system and to maintain your Factory and /or Extended Warranty Coverage.  Scheduled Maintenance is a 1 or 2 trip visit, per year to maintain the generator in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.  Scheduled Maintenance is not to be confused with service or repairs if the generator is in need of repairs outside of regular Maintenance; Scheduled Maintenance does not include service or repair visits unless customer is subscribed to our premier POWER PRO PLUS+ Scheduled Maintenance plan.


Owner agrees to compensate NYSSP one hundred percent (100%) of the Agreement price for Scheduled Maintenance.  Receipt of payment by NYSSP constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions herein.  Scheduled Maintenance Agreement will take effect no sooner than three days after receipt of payment and be in effect for a term of one year unless otherwise outlined.  POWER PRO PLUS+ Maintenance program requires a 12-month commitment and renews annually unless cancelled via written notice to NYS SITEPOWER.  In accordance with state law, Owner has (3) three days to cancel or rescind agreement with no obligation to NYSSP or vice versa.  This is a contract to perform services; The price of this Agreement is NON-REFUNDABLE.  Maintenance subscriptions renew automatically for a 12-month / annual term and may be cancelled up to two weeks prior to renewal date in writing to NYS SITEPOWER 3700 Main Street Walworth, NY 14568 Attn: Maintenance Coordinator.


Acceptance of this Agreement provides Scheduled Maintenance Services for owner’s generator system. Upon receipt of payment, the service / inspection trip(s) will be scheduled.  Generator system must be in good operating condition at the time of this Agreement; Non-disclosure of pre-existing conditions or problems will result in additional charges for work or repairs needed to bring the generator system into operating condition.  Owner agrees to compensate NYSSP one hundred percent (100%) for any additional work completed at the Owner’s site.  Owner agrees that NYSSP will maintain an interest in any repairs until such repairs are paid in full.  Owner grants NYSSP such interest and permission to collect on such interest in the event of non-payment.


NYSSP agrees to perform Scheduled Maintenance.  Scheduled Maintenance includes labor and materials for a complete inspection and service.  All system checks, adjustments and calibration procedures are included.  Load testing and servicing of starting batteries is included.  Replacement of starting batteries, when necessary is NOT included and will become a separate charge. Repairs that are required to bring the equipment into operating condition ARE NOT INCLUDED and will become a separate charge.  If repairs are necessary during the Scheduled Maintenance visit(s) to bring the system into normal operating condition, owner hereby authorizes NYSSP to perform necessary repairs and Owner agrees to compensate NYSSP for 100% of the cost of any work or repairs performed.  


Owner acknowledges that NYSSP personnel require unobstructed access to the generator system during normal business hours.  It is the sole responsibility of the Owner to provide adequate access to property and equipment, including snow removal during winter months. Owner acknowledges that the site including the area in front of all electrical panels must be kept clear and accessible to a minimum of 36” working clearance.  If NYSSP Technicians do not have readily available access to generator system and ancillary equipment, or if NYSSP Technicians are required to clear obstructions, snow or otherwise gain access to the generator system, additional charges will apply.  If return visits are made additional charges will apply.


NYSSP maintains responsibility limited to the completion of Scheduled Maintenance.  NYSSP does not imply, guarantee or warranty the operation of the Owner’s generator system.   NYSSP shall not be held responsible for direct, indirect or consequential damages resulting from generator system failure to operate.  NYSSP shall be held harmless in the event of any claim resulting from direct or indirect equipment failure.  The Owner acknowledges that additional requests for service, repairs or adjustments not covered in this Agreement will become a separate charge above and beyond the price of this Agreement.


Owner agrees to be held responsible for all reasonable costs associated with collection, including but not limited to legal costs, attorney’s fees & return visit(s) to site for purposes of collection.  Past Due accounts will be assessed a 2% Monthly Service Fee; 24% annually. Agreements are contingent upon weather, strikes, accidents or delays beyond our control.  NYSSP shall not be responsible for failure to perform due to inaccessibility, labor disputes, weather related delays, supply delays or other causes beyond our control.  This agreement may be transferred to a new owner at the same address upon written notification of the Owner.  This is a contract to perform services; The price of this Agreement is NON-REFUNDABLE. 




· Starting battery / Batteries  (Most good quality batteries last 4-5 years with proper maintenance).

· Any parts and labor required to bring a non-working generator into operating condition.

· Non-functioning control boards, electronic parts or engine parts.

· Additional service calls unrelated to scheduled maintenance items.

· Additional service calls for conditions caused by others or any third party.

· Additional “While you’re here, can you just (fill in the blank) kind of work?

We appreciate your continued confidence in us & your loyalty!  Please contact us at (585) 224-4000 if you have any questions.

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