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Business Generator Solutions

Blackout!  Now What? How would your business deal with a 24 or 48-hour power outage? Do you have a plan in effect to follow during a power outage?  How will your critical operations still function?  Phones, Computers, Security, Lighting? 

Consistent with record high electrical demands and foreseen power outages, a 24-hour power outage is not unrealistic or uncommon. During these outages, your equipment and machines will not function, your phone system will not work, and worse yet your security system will likely be down for the duration of the outage.

Your Success Matters!  Assure productivity and profits when the power is out; Insure your business to the next level with a comprehensive power solution from NYSSP. The team at NYSSP will review your operations, help you to prioritize your power requirements and design a system that keeps you competitive during what would normally be "down-time". NYSSP can provide cost investment analysis and power consultation services on contract, or an as-needed basis. Upon request, NYSSP can also provide educational and financial benefit presentations for your Executive Officers or Board of Directors. Chances are your backup power generation system will pay for itself during only one outage.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition and join the growing number of smart businesses that are enjoying the security and benefits of an on-site emergency backup power system.  Call or e-mail today and we'll develop a plan to give your business a winning edge!   Contact Us Today at (585) 224-4000 or Learn more about why we're the most trusted experts in Emergency Power Systems!

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